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Monumental masons, Funeral directors, Sign makers, Interior designers and many more skilled professionals have attended our training courses. You will learn how to apply your design to Granite, Porcelain, Glass, Metal and many other materials if required. You may just be interested in Granite only.

To have your design on Granite we suggest you pay a good artist to paint a picture or religous design that you keep and own the copyright too and use it as many times as you wish.

Why pay to have your design hand painted direct on granite when it may peel off the memorial. Our New technology makes the job much easier, quicker and costs a lot less than paying an artist to hand paint it on granite and then you may have to pay the artist to repaint the memorial again, however if you can copy from the artists designs simply scan/copy use PhotoShop CC and use your skills gained from the Global training course to complete the job. It makes more sense to pay the artist, copy the design as and when necessary.

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