Just a few of our testimonials, far to many to show all of them on our website.

I received my plaque and I am very pleased with the end result. The service has been first class from start to finish and I’m so happy that I came across your website. I will be pleased to recommend you to anyone that I know who may need your services. Thanks once again.

Best wishes

Martin. Renfrewshire

I am very happy with the photo plaque of my Son. I received it in 7 days, it’s absolutely lovely.

Thanks for your excellent service.

Ruth. Liverpool

When I purchased a photo plaque of my Dad on ebay it was a good price. 7 months later the photo started to peel

and fade and changed to a pink colour. I was very concerned and have been unable to contact this company since so I searched

google and came across Global memorials and purchased a plaque from them. On receiving it the quality was much better

and it woul’nt scratch and is guaranteed forever from fading. I spoke to a production manager at Global and he told me about cheaper photo plaques produced by other companies that are coated then printed on to ceramic tiles but are not UV stable and will scratch and peel, this is why they are cheaper but work out more expensive because you have to replace it all the time, he said with our plaques that’s not the case. I really only appreciated the quality of the plaque when I received it.

Highly recommended.

Jeff. Freemantle, Australia

My Nan sadly passed away and I was trying to find a company that could make a small size 19x25mm oval, porcelain with a photo of my Nan set in stone

and fitted into a 18c gold pendant. Global produced it for me and it was hallmarked by the Assay office so knew it was pure old.

I can sunbath, swim or sleep in it knowing it will not fade or scratch. The old lazer or engraved pendants scratch easily so they are not as good as my full colour pendant from Global.

Alison. Liverpool

My local church allowed me to put a plaque on the grave of my Mum.

I have to say the quality of the memorial plaque is fantastic and it’s easy to wipe clean without damaging the photo.

Many thanks to Global for the plaque and advising me on the best way to fit the plaque.

Julie. Liverpool

I like to thank Global for producing a wonderful plaque to go on a memorial in a pet cemetery.

The size of this plaque is so big and the quality is very high standard.

Thanks for retouching the dogs scares and removing the background.

John. Bristol

Just to say thank you for producing a very special War memorial plaque of my great grandad.

The photo was so badly damaged I was amazed the way your design team have repaired it at no extra cost.

I strongly recommend Global.

Joan. Oxford