Everything you need to know about specialist printing. We are not ordinary printers so please don’t come to us for leaflets or business cards. You only come to us when no one else can help you get your design on to various materials permanently if required. See our training courses page for more details.

What’s so special about Global? Well we have developed new technology so Printing onto most materials is now possible. Temperatures from as low as 20c to as high as 900 celsius makes it possible to apply full colour designs to various materials. This technology is not like dye-sublimation used on mugs and plates, if you’ve used the Dye-sub process you should know the coating can peel and the inks are not UV stable. Using our new process you will not experience these problems. UV stable, outdoor use no problem, dishwasher proof, pressure washer proof, flame proof and much on some materials.

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We provide full training, all the tools, printing, materials, inks, specialist toners, developers, software and much more…

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Brilliant product, ideal for the perfect finish,

A unique exclusive product from Global. Specially developed to work on Granite.