Terry Wogan, a Great Man Dies at 77 and a National Treasure

wogan.fwAs celebrated as Michael Terence Wogan is, Global memorials would like to pay a personal tribute to a great man, who served the BBC for many years. We should remember the memories created by Wogan throughout the years working at the BBC, and offer condolences to his family for this loss.

Born on the 3rd of August 1938 Wogan gave us many TV shows for example

  • Eurovision Song Contest (1971–2008)
  • Blankety Blank (1979–1983)
  • Children in Need (1980–2014)
  • Wogan (1982–1992)
  • Wogan’s Perfect Recall


Radio presenting:

  • Wake Up to Wogan (1993–2009)
  • Weekend Wogan (2010–2015)

Ireland and Britain pay their respects to Sir Terry Wogan today as he lost his life to cancer, and as devastating as this is we should remember Wogan gave us lots of good memories and will be rememberd through history.

Respect came from our Prime Minister David Camera as he pays his respect to a great man.


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